Dear all,

Considering that before coming to PIM University I studied at the Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka, I came under certain impressions from that faculty and got used to a certain way of working and relations with professors, assistants and student services.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived. However, very quickly, as I got to know the teaching staff, I must emphasize that I was delighted with the professors who were teaching us at the time and their way of working and their attitude towards students. We worked in smaller groups and it was much easier to learn and interact with professors and assistants. I also use the opportunity to praise my colleagues from the student service, who were always available and very kind.

Also, I would like to praise the opportunity given to us to gain practical knowledge in various fields every year, by going to practice in companies from our area.

The practical and theoretical knowledge that I acquired at PIM University helped me a lot in the jobs that I did later. 

The excursions organized by the University administration for the best students further motivated us to study, and allowed the students to get to know each other better.

As time passed, friendships were born that continue to this day. 

All praise for the work so far!

Darko Barašin

Dear All, 

The University of Business Engineering and Management Banja Luka provides wide opportunities for the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, their application in practical examples, as well as the acquisition of new knowledge and skills in scientific research work and practice. The adaptation of the curriculum to the modern requirements of the labor market represents a comparative advantage of the University in relation to the competition. Subject Professors and associates (assistants) transfer their rich knowledge and experience from theory and practice, which will serve future fellow students as a quality starting point in professional engagement and further scientific research work.

Дражен Марјанац

My experience and message to future students

"Your attitude, not your talent, will determine how far you get," said sales and personal development legend Zig Ziglar.

This is the message I chose for you, the future students of PIM University, because this University gives students the strength to build their own attitude, by acquiring knowledge and skills that the professors and assistants will selflessly pass on to you, and teach you to live through the acquired knowledge, and you don't just look at it from the side, like something you got to know during your schooling.

PIM University is my second choice for education, but my first choice for applying the acquired knowledge.

After high school, I studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and almost 30 years ago I obtained the title of Electrical Engineer. Still, it was a lot of trouble and effort for something that wasn't me.

The desire to master the world of finance, to be successful and recognized in that world, and to learn from the best brought me to PIM University in 2007, where I obtained the title of Graduated Economist. This was also the first goal achieved by the synergy of PIM University and myself.

Having learned that success is achieved through knowledge, effort and learning, today I have more than 10 years of work experience in the financial sector in top management positions, and the second goal achieved through the synergy of the knowledge acquired at PIM University and myself has been fulfilled.

The third goal, continuous personal development and transfer of knowledge and skills to younger colleagues, I think I can achieve on my own, but maybe I'm wrong...

You are not wrong, you have chosen the right path to achieve the first goal...

Vesna Todorović

Store Manager, Walmart Inc


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