In the times of struggle with virus COVID-19 pandemic for saving health and lives of our population, a battle for saving every work place and economic and business potential of our business entities also ensued.

While certain number of our citizens bravely takes care of our health and safety by day and night, at the same time great number of our citizens starts to live in fear for their own work place and existence of their families.

In a situation like this, it is necessary, more than ever, to show that we are human beings with character, full of solidarity, who are determined to share what we have with those who don’t.

Common sense, solidarity, responsibility and modesty are virtues that every single one of us has within ourselves, and now it’s right time to show them.

Guided by such an understanding of their role in society and the vocation they have, the director of University PIM, prof. Ilija Dzombic PhD and the rector of University PIM, prof. Dragan Djuranovic PhD, in favor of the Solidarity Fund of the Republic of Srpska gave up on the full amount of monthly net salary for March.It’s also important to emphasize that at the same time prof. Ilija Dzombic PhD , gave up on the full amount of net compensation for being a member of Supervisor Committee IRB of RS for the months March, April and May of the currentyear.

Director and rector of our University PIM want to appeal, ask and invite this way all the directors and executive managers of private and state companies and institutions of the Republic of Srpska, deputies councilors elected by the votes of people of the Republic of Srpska and all the university professors who teach young people of the Republic of Srpska and are employed on private and state universities, to give up on one monthly net salary and compensation , in favor of the Solidarity fund with one and only goal: to save every single work place in the Republic of Srspka and to provide a life with less fear for existence of great number of our citizens whose work places are threatened by this newly created situation..

One single net salary of ours can save at least one work place of maybe our student, relative, friend or employee of our partner company.

Our little can mean a lot to many!

Let’s be responsible, let’s be humans, as our blissfully resting Patriarch Pavle said!