In spite of the bad situation in economy and society generally, the level of our graduated students is constantly growing even over 80%. The reason for that is the employers’ trust that was previously gained when it comes to the quality of diploma students have acquired, on the basis of previous experience with the generations of successful graduates. The possibility to get a job after graduating is extremely high.

Not many skills in the world of law can be called brand-new, but it is certain that all of them are being exposed to transformation and adding of new work areas.

Your life definition is law.

Learn everything you should know to be a successful lawyer, legal assignee, public notary, judge, prosecutor or ombudsman. Prepare yourself in the right way for your future profession and be successful.

On the Faculty of Law of PIM University the study program of law is being taught and it lasts for 4 years ( 240 ECTS ) on I cycle of studies. Licensing the II cycle of studies of law is in progress.

The Law 240 ECTS

The aim of the study program

The aim of the studies is to transfer legal knowledge which the graduate lawyer will need in various working environments in economy, judiciary, public services and private sector.

Ishod procesa učenja

After finishing the studies, students will gain a wide range of knowledge from different areas of legal sciences which is being determined by the needs of working environment in which graduate lawyers will be included, but also joining the international, especially European economic flows. Graduate lawyer is qualified not only for using and interpreting legal standards but more and more for creative shaping and producing in the law sphere.

The specific outcomes of learning are being determined within every teaching subject.

Length of duration of studies

For gaining the qualification of the degree of I cycle of studies, it is necessary to study and work by the equivalent valued by 240 ECTS points, which corresponds to the period of four ( 4 ) years ( or 8 semesters ) of regular studies.

After finishing I cycle of studies student gains a title of completed undergraduate studies.

Enrollment requirement for study programs

For gaining the qualification of the degree of I cycle of studies, it is necessary to study and work by the equivalent valued by 240 ECTS points, which corresponds to the period of four ( 4 ) years ( or 8 semesters ) of regular studies.

The way the studies are being taught

Students work is continuously monitored during the whole semester as follows:

  • Regular attendance at classes
  • Assessment of active participation during classes
  • Entrance / exit exam
  • Making a seminar / practical work
  • Thematic checks
  • Evaluation of the planned tasks by the teaching subject program

Through these contents students collect points which are needed for some specific activities, in accordance with the teaching program for each teaching subject.

For demonstrated knowledge and activity during classes students are being evaluated by the Law, Statute and Rulebook on the organization of educational work. At the beginning of the school year every teacher introduces students with the rules: work methods and forms and the number of the points they get for different activities.

Students’ success in the exam is marked and expressed with the grades from 10 to 5, by the following criteria: Grade 10 – from 91 to 100 points, grade 9 – from 81 to 90 points, grade 8 – from 71 to 80 points, grade 7 – from 61 to 70 points, grade 6 – from 51 to 60 points, grade 5 – 50 points and less.

The time needed for teaching studies

The time needed for study program of I cycle of studies is 4 academic years or 8 semesters. A student is obliged to finish all teaching responsibilities, pass all exams and gets 240 ECTS points. After that he gets the diploma of I cycle of studies and an academic title Graduate Lawyer.

Point value of study programs shown through ECTS

For the study of law student can get 30 ECTS points for every semester, which means 60 ECTS points for the academic year, which is 240 ECTS points in total for I cycle of studies.

ECTS points are sum up for every individual subject according to student’s participation within the whole students workload for the current academic year. The students workload is counted as the number of overall hours of lectures and exercises for the specific subject. The European points transfer system claims that the total students workload in one school year is 1600 working hours ( all their activities ).

Estimated number of working hours for each subject

Minimal weekly fund of classes is 20 classes and maximum number is 25 classes. Estimated number of working hours for each subject is listed in curriculum.

Other questions important for teaching study programs

Preconditions for enrollment of individual subjects are regulated by subject’s curriculum. On the I cycle of studies there is a final work ( 0 ECTS points ).

The purpose of the final work is that student shows overall synthesis of acquired knowledge of the study program. The final work will be presented after passing all the exams from I cycle of studies. After presenting the final work, a student has accomplished all teaching obligations of I cycle of studies.

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