Respected academics,

We will be honored if you become a part of our academic community which enrolls the new generation of students this year. Our Faculty of Law represents an important part of faculties community in the Republic of Srpska from the very beginning. We are proud because our graduate lawyers are successful attorneys, judges, assistants, teachers and successful lawyers in our country and abroad.
The Faculty is long-term defined to, in accordance to the highest European standards, provide law education of highest quality, on all levels, permanent scientific research, transfer of knowledge and development of consciousness of legal community, understanding the process of reforming university education in the Republic of Srpska as a challenge and a chance, staying loyal to our aspiration for reaching range of quality of work, committed to values and principles of modern European education, relying on a longstanding tradition and personnel potential. The Faculty of Law of PIM University approached the changes of all parts of its activities readily. The result of that kind of approach is the study mode and sequence of innovative forms of working with students. New study programs are created carefully respecting the principles of modern university education. A certain number of teachers and associates, who highly developed their pedagogical abilities, is included into teaching process and they apply them to their work very successfully.
The Faculty is proud on their students who are part of many teaching but also extracurricular activities, making a contribution to local community development. This kind of working program is made by the model of contemporary conceptions of studies. The structure of the Faculty program is aligned with the reform of higher education in Europe but also the Bologna Declaration, coordinating our reality with the Law on higher education.
In the end of this short speech, I invite you to come and be a part of our family of professionals. Improving ourselves, we will improve the Faculty, too. We are here to help you discover your own potentials and values which you will flow into social reality to the common good of the community we belong to.

Sincerely, Your Dean