Faculty of Law of the University for Business engineering and Management offers their students knowledge from different legal areas which dictate the required work environment in which students will be included after finishing their studies.

Academic study program equips students for development and use of scientific and professional achievements, and it is organized and taught as follows:

  1. Basic academic studies of first cycle which last for four years; by finishing it you get 240 ECTS points.

Student who finishes basic academic studies for a period of four years and gets 240 ECTS points acquires academic title of Graduate Lawyer – 240 ECTS points.

  1. Master - academic studies of second cycle of studies which last for one year; by finishing it you get 60 ECTS points (in total 300 ECTS points – first and second cycle of studies ).).

Student who finishes master academic studies of second cycle acquires academic title of Master of Law – 300 ECTS points.

  • Okvirna pitanja prijemnog za master studije (preuzmite)

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