Despite economy condition in general, at the end of the last year, European Commission estimated that by the end of 2015 in European Union even 400 000 professional IT workers will be missing.

The fact is that engineering professions are requested above average all around the world, including us, they are well-paid and can offer excellent perspectives in the country and European Union. Regarding the employing in our IT sector, the opportunities should be looked for in two potential possibilities: employment in IT companies or IT departments or starting your own business, because you can work for both less important clients from the surroundings and global clients that offer projects and high wages on the internet portals. Finish your studies and your job is waiting for you!

22 July 2013 the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska issued a solution that University for Business Engineering and Management meets the requirements for teaching study program of Computer sciences 240ECTS in a period of 4 years.
About informatics and computer science

Computer science is a science dealing with computer hardware and software as well as theory of calculus and its use. Software deals with studying programming languages, program paradigms as well as the programs themselves. Hardware deals with computer architecture and its peripheries. As a device, computer is designed to automate tasks and perform computer tasks. In 19th century, people who were performing complex calculations were called computers.

Informatics and computer sciences are not exactly the same things, although they are closely connected because they deal with the same or similar issues. Nowadays, informatics is usually counted as engineering or technical science. It has an unremarkable part of the topics that are entirely theoretical. There is also a problem in terminology in different languages because of the close relation between informatics and computer sciences, so the word “informatics” usually refers to computer sciences. Informatics is more theoretical but it deals with software and structuring, processing, conversion, storage and downloading information very detailed.

Computer sciences deal with everything that is related to computers like hardware, software, program development with programming languages etc.

The importance of certificate

By studying on the Faculty of Computer sciences you gain the opportunity to take exams for acquiring internationally recognized certificates:

  • European Computer Driving License (ECDL)
  • MS Certified Professional
  • Adobe


ECDL (European Computer Driving License) is internationally recognized standard which verifies demonstrated knowledge about IT and using computers. ECDL diplomas open the door for all working places where work on computer knowledge is needed, and they are recommended as one of the standards for civil service admission all around the Bosnia and Herzegovina. The basis of the testing questions is unique for all testing centers in the world. By this kind of standardization recognizing ECDL diplomas acquired in Bosnia and Herzegovina is secured in more than 150 countries around the world.

ECDL Core program of education and testing consists of 7 modules which include specific informatics fields.

MODULE 1- Information technology basics: basic knowledge of principle of working on computer, software, hardware, input and output devices, various kinds of memory devices etc.
MODULE 2 – operating system and file management: working in Windows environment, basic knowledge of folders and files, using integrated tools
MODULE 3 – word processing, basic knowledge of program for word processing ( Microsoft Word )
MODULE 4 – electronic spreadsheets: basic knowledge of program for electronic spreadsheets ( Microsoft Excel )
MODULE 5 – database: basic knowledge of creating and maintaining database ( Microsoft Access )
MODULE 6 – Graphics and multimedia presentation: basic techniques of making multimedia presentations ( Microsoft PowerPoint )
MODULE 7 – information and communication: basic knowledge of internet explorer and program for emailing ( Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook )

Exams are being taken only in authorized testing centers that are all connected with the unique testing server through the internet. Questions and answers are translated to our language. If the candidate considers having enough knowledge already, they can take ECDL exams without the obligation to attend training previously, but before that they have to get unique ID number. Test for all modules consist of 36 questions and last for 45 minutes. To pass the module you have to have 75% of correct answers. Candidate has the right to take the exams over a period of three years since getting the ID number.

After passing 4 exams in total and 3 obligatory modules, Module 2 ( operating system ), Module 3 ( word processing ) and Module 7 ( Internet and e-mail ) and one module by choice, the candidate gets ECDL Start diploma, and after passing all 7 exams they get ECDL diploma and a card.

ECDL diplomas in Bosnia and Herzegovina are issued only by Informatics association in Bosnia and Herzegovina, based on testing done in authorized ECDL centers.

MS Certified Professional

IT expert with Microsoft certificate ( MCP ) gets the certificate after passing any exam from the exam list necessary for getting the certificate of higher rank (MCSD, MCAD, MCSE, MCDBA…).

By getting the Microsoft certificate you confirm your knowledge and skills of working with Microsoft products and technologies. IT industry, employers, clients and colleagues will recognize your MCP status as a symbol of knowledge, skills and experiences that you gained through trainings, active learning and hard work.

MCP Certificate brings you following advantages:

  • Industrial recognition of your knowledge and skills in managing Microsoft products and technologies
  • Access to technical information as well as the product information directly through Microsoft web site which is intended for people with MCP status
  • Access to exclusive discounts for products and services of selected companies
  • MCP logo, certificate and the report on certification as a proof of your MCP status
  • After certification, you can download files with logo and report from Microsoft web site reserved only for MCPs
  • Calls for Microsoft conferences, trainings and seminars
  • Free access to online magazine on professional career development only for MCPs

MCP Online magazine web pages, that only MCPs have the access to, in the latest edition include additional online contents and sections, database for MCPs as well as chats with Microsoft and other technical experts.


Adobe certificate is one of the most prestigious indicators on how well do you deal with design, web and video area. It is recognized all around the globe. Adobe certificate will not be just an uncertain item in your working biography but the entry to the world of well-paid jobs.

In order to become ACE ( Adobe Certified Expert ) in using some Adobe product ( for example Photoshop ), it is necessary to pass all the exams intended for that product.

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