We live in the era of knowledge and new technology. The obligation of those who think about the future of young people, but also the future of the country which they do business and live in, is encouraging knowledge and technology themselves, which help that knowledge to be competitive on the job market. That’s how University for Business engineering and Management by establishing the Faculty of Computer sciences proved its social responsibility shown in the most humane and useful way: enabling young generations to gain knowledge that will help them be competitive on the job market, but also to make better working and scientific-research environment in total thanks to that knowledge.

Knowledge is the only long-term sustainable competitive advantage, it is a scientific truth, so it is very clear why it is so important and useful to improve knowledge and why are the computer sciences very important link to new social order. Through years, IT sector represents the fastest growing industrial branch, basis of new economy and basic tools of all researches.

Respecting all this, continuously following trends in science and practice, the Faculty of Computer sciences was formed. Teaching contents and programs are the reflection of training and educating staff for new market challenges and new times. Teaching curriculum is conceptualized to create staff qualified for safe entry to job market, but also for dealing with scientific research work. Besides, teaching curriculum provides competitiveness on the job market, both in our country and anywhere else in the world.

On the Faculty of Computer sciences teaching process is created so that the base consists of studying modern theoretical achievements, so the students can master concepts and theories, but which are always applicable, because applied knowledge is the main aim of the teaching process of this Faculty. The main guiding idea is that the theory makes sense only if it contributes to practice to be better. This is the idea teachers follow while designing curriculum and doing the teaching process.

Welcome to the Faculty of Computer sciences of University for Business engineering and Management!


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