WELCOME! I’m sure that you will feel the significant part of the academic atmosphere by the very virtual tour around PIM UNIVERSITY. At the same time, you will feel the special familiarity, warmth, but also the mutual respect, which can be found, in this rapid and automated civilization of ours, only in well-established families and their homes. You will acquire the complete academic impression and the desire to be permanently attached to our TEMPLE OF SCIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE at the very first lectures with selected and reference professors, teachers and associates, but also the overall University staff. Big numbers or small numbers are not always compatible with proportional quality in the academic world.

Our University, PIM University, is one of the smaller universities – by the number of students enrolled – that is our university orientation. Small groups of students / attendees, interactive teaching, high level of knowledge – in our opinion, that is the real academic environment where you learn and establish your knowledge with the selected, modern methodology and you gain lifelong friends. The magic of our University temple lasts even when you get a degree – you will come back with the same joy with which you come back home.

The world population is growing bigger and bigger, so the existential problems are more often present. Two most important values of modern man – KNOWLEDGE and HEALTH – are the key to successful life. Besides, high academic standards of science, technology and information technology imply continuous and lifelong learning, so the orientation of teaching programs, cycles and levels of licensed knowledge of our PIM University is adapted to these extremely high standards.

We believe that we have found the right measure of academism which provides our graduated students high level of employment and successful careers.

You enter the academic Temple of our PIM University under the symbol of Pitagora’s Academy – the triangle. The sign “speaks for itself” that in his amphitheaters, classrooms, reading rooms and cabinets they cherish WISDOM, POWER OF KNOWLEDGE and BEAUTY OF LIFE.

Academic greeting, Vivat academia!

Vivat academia!
Prof. dr Dragan Đuranović

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