Naša koleginica Anđela Tonić, koja trenutno boravi na studentskoj praksi u Slovačkoj u sklopu Erazmus razmjene, podijelila je sa nama svoje iskustvo

Dear Colleagues,

S ponosom i zadovoljstvom vam predstavljam svoje iskustvo na studentskoj praksi u Bratislavi. Moram da naglasim da veliku zahvalnost po pitanju studentske razmene, dugujem Univerzitetu PIM, na kome sam redovni student osnovnih akademskih studija Pravnog fakulteta, a koji je prepoznao moj potencijal, kao i organizaciji Placement Slovakia thanks to which I got the position Marketing Specialist in the company Lenovo in Slovakia.

After two months of stay in Bratislava and working in the company Lenovo, the largest corporation in all of Europe, I was given the opportunity to cooperate with eminent experts in the field of marketing. Thanks to the warm welcome of the Lenovo employees, as well as the great support of the Erasmus program members, I already feel like a part of the team in this company.

After my many travels, I can freely say that Bratislava, which I now had the opportunity to visit and get to know, left a great impression on me. During my two-month stay in Bratislava, I used my free time to get to know the city, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and to realize that this city offers great opportunities and benefits to both its residents and visitors.

Bratislava is a historical city that offers many sights such as palaces, castles and museums, and at the same time, it enchants with the Danube. During the tours, I saw beautiful and luxurious parks on the sprawling lakes and I hope that every next day of my stay in this city will make me more mature, more experienced and ready for new victories.

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