On the Faculty of Philosophy of University for Business engineering and Management there are currently two study programs-Andragogy and Psychology. Both study programs imply I and II cycle of studies by the modality 3 + 2 for study program of Andragogy and 4 + 1 for study program of Psychology. Andragogy is the science which deals with issues of adult education. Psychology is the science which studies our mind and behavior. In the modern world, where scientific and technological knowledge alternate and become more complex spreading like wildfire, and market requirements become even more complex, there is a constant need for changing your career and for lifelong learning and specialization. This kind of trend won’t probably change in the near future. This makes andragogy the science of both present and future and very probably the attractive profession and career, for which the demand will certainly constantly grow. At the same time, although the current civilization is the best time for being alive, more than any other epoch from the history of humankind, adaptation to requirements and modern lifestyle tempo necessarily implies constant stress and turbulences, which draw on psycho physical resources of people and increase the risk of occurring psychological and behavioral problems. To be more specific, over 350 million people around the globe suffers from depression and the number is constantly increasing. Psychologists represent an inevitable link in solving these and similar problems. Psychology is very adaptive scientific discipline, which enables a large number of programs with specialization. That’s why psychologists can work in mental health centers or psychiatric clinics, as freelance therapists or advisers, associates or school teachers, as a part of infrastructure for work selection within companies, as researchers and analysts etc.

The University for Business engineering and management is one of the first higher education institutions which offered accredited study program of andragogy in our geographical area. On the other hand, there are many study programs of psychology. But, what distinguishes both of these study programs from their competition is the fact that within our University there is a clear commitment to potentiating modern teaching access, which includes working in small groups, discussions, interactive and practical classes, direct and forthcoming attitude towards students and supporting students not only in developing academic competences, but also in personal growth and development. In that sense, teaching excels a large number of exercise and practical skills classes, which are in charge of very experienced people from the professional section of these professions. At the Faculty of Philosophy there is also a psychological counseling, to which all the students of the University have unlimited and free access, within which they can get help and advices for solving some personal problems and difficulties, as well as the support in strengthening their own psychological capacities. At the same time, we try hard to nourish very strong scientific research spirit and a large number of our students has already presented and published a significant number of scientific and professional papers within domestic and foreign conferences, anthologies and magazines, on their own or in co-authorship with teaching and associate staff. If you are interested in studying at the Faculty of Philosophy of University for Business engineering and Management or you have any doubts or questions, we encourage you to contact or visit us.
Ako ste zainteresovani za studiranje na Filozofskom fakultetu Univerziteta za poslovni inženjering i menadžment i ako imate bilo kakva pitanja ili nedoumice, ohrabrujemo Vas da nas kontaktirate ili da nam dođete u posjetu. U iščekivanju susreta, srdačno Vas pozdravljam u ime Filozofskog fakulteta i Univerziteta u cjelini.

In anticipation of the encounter, I warmly welcome you in the name of Faculty of Philosophy and the University in general, Dean of Faculty of Philosophy

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