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Tel/Fax: 051/378-300
Students service: 051/378-303
Teaching coordinator: 051/378-305
Prorector of education: 051/371-481
Library: 051/378-304
Accounting: 051/378-306

Working hours

On working days: 8:00 – 18:00

On Saturday: 8:45 – 12:00

Where are we

It is very easy to reach the University from all directions, because the approach to it is enabled from the motorway Banja Luka – Gradiska or from the old road Banja Luka – Lazarevo – Trn – Laktasi.

If you come from the city centre direction you come across the west transit, you go through the roundabout by the shopping center Tempo and after that you take the second right on the traffic light, right by the University. A kind of a guide is also Verano Motors Service and a Gas Petrol station on the left side, or GT Auto on the right side.

But if you go from the city centre down the old road then you pass by the market, and then by the Agricultural High School and the main traffic light in the settlement of Lazarevo, you turn left after the barracks. To get the University, you go down the street next to the barracks, turn right via the main street, and you can see the University on your left. 

From the city center, you can reach the University by bus line 13B (see the line here), transport company Aldemo turs (Poslovna škola station).

If you are coming from the opposite direction (from the direction of Gradiška, Laktaši or Prijedor), to get to the University you have to turn left on the first traffic light immediately after the Prijedorska loop, from where you can see the University building.

Student service

Gordana Marković

Dušan Prelo


Publishing and library

Library referent: Darko Barunović


Design and Marketing Center

The Head: Ljubica Janjetović 



Rector: prof. dr Dragan Đuranović

Director: prof.dr Ilija Džombić

Prorector for science: assistant professor Dejan Kojic,PhD

Prorector for teaching: prof. dr Mladen Ivić

Students service referent: Nataša Tofil

Teaching coordinator: Igor Šabić

Enrollment coordinator: prof.dr Vojislav Škrbić

Dean of Faculty of Economics: Marijana Žiravac Mladenović, PhD

Dean of Faculty of Law: prof. dr Mladen Ivić m

Dean of Computer Science Faculty: prof. dr Velimir Dedić

Dean of Faculty of Philosophy: prof. dr Simonida Vilić

Dean of Technical Faculty: prof. dr Nikola Vojvodić

Quality Center:

Accounting and finance

Referent: Jadranka Cvijić

Bank accounts of University
ATOS BANK a.d. Banja Luka:
UniCredit Bank a.d. Banjaluka:
Nova Banka a.d. Banja Luka:

Department in Brčko District:

Banka Poštanska štedionica a. d. Banja Luka: