Promocija diplomaca jun 2019.

A University with a clear vision

Globalization of the worldwide business brings new business profiles and professions and requires an education which is not directed only into academic and theoretic knowledge but also into practical knowledge which can be directly used in everyday business situations. This is the priority and the main goal of our University. The changes in business trade customs, the work methods and the forms of business entities issues must be followed by changes, or, even more, by adapting the higher education system. Not many skills in the business world can be called brand-new, but it is certain that during time they are being transformed or some new business fields are being added. One is for sure, rigid and let’s call it traditional process of education can not satisfy the need for profiling business staff that are needed for job market. The vision of our University is arising from the job market needs and our abilities to adapt to these needs.

15 years of successful work

After the University got a license to operate, the first generation of students was enrolled in 2003 2004. school year with the study programs of General management and Financial management. In 2005 / 2006. school year we introduced the study programs of Management, Finance and Banking, Marketing and Economic diplomacy. All these programs belong to a field of social sciences. In 2006/2007. school year we also got the license for the study programs of Andragogy and Graphical engineering and Design, that started being lectured in 2009 / 2010. school year. At the time of being licensed, the program of Andragogy was a part of scientific area of humanities but from July 2007. it became a part of scientific area of social sciences. The program of Graphical engineering and Design is a part of scientific area of technical sciences. In 2009 / 2010. school year the University also got a license and started with a study program of Law. This program is a part of scientific area of social sciences. In 2010 / 2011. school year we got the license for the study fields of Psychology and Computer sciences, which started being lectured in 2011/2012. school year. The program of Psychology is a part of scientific field of social sciences and the program of Computer sciences is a part of scientific field of natural sciences.

In 2012 / 2013. school year the University started with the II cycle of studies of Faculty of Economics

In 2013 / 2014. school year the University started with the II cycle of studies of Faculty of Law

In 2014 / 2015. school year the University started with the II cycle of studies of Faculty of Philosophy ( the sections of Psychology and Andragogy )



The quality of development during these 15 years is confirmed by:

  • More than 80 teachers and associates;
  • University surroundings equipped with the highest quality;
  • Over 80% employed graduate students;
  • Scholarship fund for the students of High school “Ljubisa Mladenovic”;
  • Study center in the city of Trebinje;
  • High school center “Ljubisa Mladenovic” , which includes secondary business school, electioneering, but also medical school and cosmetic school;
  • 14 higher education institutions from our country and surrounding area that cooperate with us;
  • 7 successfully implemented scientific research projects;
  • 40 published editions – monographs and student’s books from our own publishing activities;
  • Lectures of prominent visiting professors from economic, diplomatic, political and cultural field;
  • Summer schools or regional / international conferences and seminars where our students took part;