DECISION to organize the teaching process electronically

Due to the newly-created situation related to emergence and expansion of corona virus (COVID-19), and ban on teaching on all the higher education institutions by Ministry for scientific and technological development , higher education and information society, the Rector of University for business engineering and management Banja Luka makes a decision on organizing teaching process electronically for a period from 17th March 2020 to 30th March 2020, as follows:

1. All professors are obliged to submit materials in electronic form for each of their subjects to teaching coordinator, who will, together with IT sector, post them on the site of the relevant Faculty in the rubric Teaching materials, so the students could have an access and download the material mentioned;

2. Professors will stay in touch with students via email, viber, sms, skype or some other convenient platform, by the lessons schedule defined at the beginning of semester. Professors will inform teaching coordinator about the ways of communication and the platform chosen;

3. Professors and assistants are obliged to record their lectures electronically, and submit them to the teaching coordinator at the end of the month;

We ask all students to report to their professors via e-mail to agree on the way of communication and maintaining teaching process electronically. All the materials that professors submit to the servicer can be downloaded on the site of the relevant Faculty under the rubric of Teaching materials in the section of Presentations.

Contacts of all professors and their emails can be found on the site of each of the Faculties in the rubric of Teaching staff or the following links:

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Philosophy

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Computer Science

Technical faculty