As a regional higher education center, PIM University strives to follow world standards both in education and in scientific, research and publishing work. Ethics in publishing at PIM University is regulated by the rules such as The Rulebook on the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (Article 5, Item 5) and The Rulebook on the Publishing Activity of the University of Business Engineering and Management Banja Luka.

In our publishing activities, we are guided by the basic ethical values:

•          Principle of authorship and co-authorship (Each author declares that he is the author of the work or that he owns the copyright to the work proposed for publication, and that all co-authors are correctly listed);

•          Data used and citation (All authors are obliged to submit a work for the press with a list of references in which all used works and data sources are indicated in an appropriate manner);

•          The principle of originality (All papers are tested with anti-plagiarism software, and reviewers are also obliged to express suspicion of plagiarism if it exists).

•          Ethics in research (In the declarations of authorship, the authors state that the mentioned research data were obtained in an ethically and legally acceptable manner, and that the data were processed and discussed respecting the principles of objectivity and impartiality).

Banja Luka, November 2022.