Dragan Đuranović, rektor
Dragan Đuranović, PhD, rector of PIM University

Dear students, colleagues and friends,

Welcome to the website of the University of Business Engineering and Management in Banja Luka. On our electronic pages you can find all the necessary information about the work of our university, everything about our faculties and their study programs, scientific work, and all other opportunities provided by this higher education institution.

As the rector with responsibility for the progress of this scientific house, I wish you a sincere welcome and successful studies at our university, at one of accredited faculties in social and humanities, technical and technological and medical field, at undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies. The University of Business Engineering and Management has a key role, both for the development of education and the development of society by fulfilling its mission, implementing basic and additional programs and projects.

The mission of our university is to establish the highest academic standards and facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and skills in accordance with the needs of society.

The mission of the University of Business Engineering and Management is to, by applying modern education methods connected with the scientific and research process, educate young and high-quality experts, who will be able to use their knowledge and work to encourage the further development of society, in accordance with modern European trends of sustainable development.

The basic vision of the University of Business Engineering and Management in Banja Luka is to establish a modern system of higher education, recognizable and compatible with the respective faculties in the countries of the region and EU members. Vision of the University of Business Engineering and Management in Banja Luka is a modern, educational, higher education institution, recognized for its educational, scientific-research and professional achievements.

Employees at the university, students, current and former together, we want, adopting all the best from previous work and in competition with compatible universities with similar study programs, to constantly adopt and improve new knowledge and technologies and to position ourselves among the top universities in the country and the surrounding area, as a strong, recognized and well-known educational institution, which contributes to the personal and professional development of all participants in the process and society as a whole. We plan to ensure a better mutual flow of knowledge and information, as well as the exchange of teachers and students, through joint domestic and international projects.

Young people aspire to a creative future. You create your future not only by your dreams, but by your firm determination and dedicated work to succeed in your intentions. Choose those who understand and understand you. And your future path will be meaningful and will lead to an achievable goal.

The field of knowledge is the space on which you should build your house. And for that you need solid foundations and good partners. We offer you a hand of cooperation.


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