Study center of the city of Trebinje of University for Business engineering and Management was formed to facilitate education of students from this area, who very often gave up on their further studies because they were too far from the university centers. But not only that, the goal of our center is to provide studying also for those who don’t want to leave this area but gain their knowledge here and improve the development of Herzegovina region.

We have imagined our house as a source of knowledge. The programs we use are made modeled on great world famous higher education institutions that resisted time passing with the true values and secured reputation and respect for themselves, which is surely our goal, too. To achieve all that, students in our center will have the opportunity to learn from the best professors from the country and surroundings. Instead of choosing between many of remote universities, our students have the opportunity to gain excellent knowledge all in one place.
Study center of Trebinje will meet all identified needs of job market and future students from the fields of economic diplomacy, marketing, finance and banking, management and law. Study center will work by study programs that the founder, PIM University Banja Luka, formed and licensed, following world scientific but also job market needs.
Study center of Trebinje enables its students with education that will help them become qualitative and professional people, able to deal successfully and professionally with the challenges of modern business world. Using the experiences of the best schools from this study field, but taking into consideration specifics of our working milieu, we want to stimulate prosperity of both individuals and society in general. What should be particularly highlighted is our dedication to every individual. Our students are not just mere numbers, they are colleagues that have their names and surnames and we are completely aware that in the team we are building every single of them can give their best from the field they show their interests for.

The study center of Trebinje will stand out in this area thanks to the fact that a total dedication to individuals is dominant, dedication to gaining not only theoretical but also practical knowledge, using the latest study literature, giving lectures with the most modern methodology using modern working tools and what should be specially highlighted is the fact that the teaching process is being done by the internationally affirmed team of professors. For all that, we invite our future students to become a part of a successful family and be the best they can be!
Zbog svega toga, pozivam naše buduće studente da postanu dio uspješne porodice i budu najbolji!